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Episode 6 : Maredith Hannon || Wisdomtree

Join us for an insightful conversation with Maredith Hannon, Head of Business Development for Digital Assets at WisdomTree, as we explore the exciting world of digital assets and tokenization.

Meredith shares her journey into the blockchain space, explaining the core concepts of blockchain technology, tokenization, and digital assets. She delves into the benefits of tokenizing real-world assets, such as increased liquidity, faster settlement times, and enhanced utility.

Episode 5 : Avanthika Ramesh || Salesforce AI

Avanthika Ramesh, a trailblazer in her role as Director of Product at Salesforce AI, has consistently led the charge in navigating the dynamic tech landscape. With a wealth of expertise spanning diverse domains, she brings a distinctive perspective to the forefront, offering valuable insights into the current industry trends. In this insightful conversation, Avanthika emphasizes that while Web 3 remains groundbreaking, AI has taken the spotlight with its user-friendly interface and seamless adoption. Discover the synergy between Web 3 and AI, unraveling the fascinating interplay of these technological giants.

Episode 4 : Dale Chrystie || FedEx

Today we feature Dale Chrystie, a distinguished Business Fellow and Blockchain Strategist at FedEx. With a wealth of experience in Transportation and Supply Chain management, Dale is dedicated to revolutionizing industries through Blockchain technology. His expertise lies in crafting innovative strategies, developing impactful business applications, and fostering collaborations within the blockchain realm. Dale excels in optimizing Supply Chains, managing operations efficiently, handling freight logistics, and streamlining reverse logistics processes. His passion for driving transformative change in the business landscape makes him a valuable asset in the ever-evolving world of technology and logistics.

Episode 3 : Tyler Sherwin || Tradfi To Defi

Introducing Tyler Sherwin, a DeFi and crypto evangelist on a mission to mainstream digital assets serving as the CEO and Co-Founder at Tradfi To Defi . Delved into the present landscape of the cryptocurrency market, highlighting the pivotal role of education in comprehending emerging technologies.

Episode 2 : Nitin Gaur || State Street

Introducing Nitin Gaur, a renowned authority serving as the Global Head of Digital Assets and Technology Design at State Street, celebrated for his pioneering contributions to blockchain technology and decentralized finance.

Our conversation commences with a deep dive into the essence and ramifications of digital assets, expertly distinguishing between digitization and tokenization.

Episode 1 : Gary Brandeleer || Salesforce

Meet Gary Brandeleer, a distinguished expert serving as the Senior Director of Product Management at Salesforce. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Gary brings a deep understanding of the tech landscape to the table.

Our conversation centers around the captivating realm where AI intersects with Blockchain. Gary sheds light on the complexities, challenges, and potential of these two cutting-edge technologies, drawing from his extensive experience in the field.

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